Project Synopsis

Including our areas of expertise, partnerships and functions as an organisation

Shining Light is currently engaged in various initiatives to deliver multiple facilities in various infrastructure fields.

In the process of delivering services for our partners/clients whether we are EPC service providers or requested to provide project finance, we are afforded bank guarantees, SBLCs, Performance Bonds, Power Purchase Guarantees, Participation/Equity Funds, Comfort Letters, Insurance Guarantees/Bonds, Promissory Notes as well as other forms of collateral. These instruments are secured via accredited financial institutions in East Africa or elsewhere. Against these instruments, we negotiate for and secure lines of credit from international capital markets for our esteemed projects/clients.

Shining Light Holdings (together with our partners ) is involved variously in designing and developing 30,000 (thirty thousand) solar integrated housing units for the Uganda Police Force (120 MW roof top solar and 300 MW ground mounted solar farms in Katakwi, Eastern Uganda) at a projected investment value of US$950m in partnership with CEMEX Holdings Limited (Kenya), Canadian Solar Inc. (Germany), Ergon Solair PBC (Delaware-US) with a revenue stream of US$1.9bn dollars for the project in for the Uganda Police Force.

In Kenya, Africa Investment Centre (together with Faber Capital) is replicating the Ugandan affordable housing model with Kenya Police Force as well as Civil Service. Through CEMEX Holdings Limited Kenya, we have delivered initial 800 hundred sample units to the Kenya Police/Prisons service. As a result of our modeling, we have been requested to take on 30,000 solar integrated housing units for the Kenya Police/ Prisons in cooperation with the State Department for Housing, Development and Public Works in cooperation with Ministry of Energy. We have also been approached by Kisumu County Government for design and development of 5000 solar integrated housing units and we are in middle stage Pre-Feasibility Study.

On top of this, we have partnered with Kenya Civil Servants Association (through KCB) to design and build 80,000 housing units under a structured mortgage scheme for the country. The Mortgage scheme under process will multiply mortgage facility consumption by more than two affording a comfortable revenue stream with participant banks while affording members competitively priced quality housing in eco-friendly cities in compliance with Jubilee Government Agenda: The Big Four. Shining Light and their partners are also involved in the design, construction and financing of Kenya-Ethiopia Clean Product Pipeline in partnership with LAPSSET.

Current projects under different levels of design and development in Uganda, namely:

  • Lake Victoria Information Technology and Bio-tech (LAVIT) Limited-an ICT Park (phased for US$750m) in cooperation with Uganda Government and TD Canada Trust Bank
  • Uganda Police Force 30,000 Solar Integrated Housing (US$950m) in cooperation with Ergon Solair PBC/CEMEX Holdings Limited/Canadian Solar Inc/M2 International Limited
  • Mulago National Referral Hospital Doctors Village 4000 Housing Units (US$130m) in cooperation with CEMEX Holdings Limited
  • Granite & Marble Value Chain in cooperation with World of Marble and Granite (WOMAG)
  • Cement Factory (1.2 MTA) in Kasese in cooperation with SEPHAKU CEMENT (Pty) Limited
  • Electric Buses Assembly Plant

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